93 DR650
next time it cuts out take a spare plug ,stick it in the plug cap and see if its sparking. could be a coil breaking down .
I would check the pilot jet system first as you could have a slight blockage as it only takes a minute speck of dirt to restrict fuel flow.
It`s easy enough to remove the carb on the 650 and take out the pilot screw. Give it a clean through with carb cleaner and an air line.
If it persists, you could increase the tickover a tad, and also back out the pilot screw half a turn more, though it will run slightly richer lower down.
My thoughts exactly...turn idle up a little & check idle mixture because if there are any deposit built up over time in the in the idle circuit it can lean them out & cause the same problem.
Have you checked the valve clearance, if the clearance is set too tight, when the engine warms up the clearance reduces and can cause stalling. I used to have the issue on a DR750 using 0.002" IN 0.004" OUT until I used the later DR800 setting 0.004" IN 0.006" OUT. The hot stalling never happened again....It's worth checking.

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