Starter motor not playing ball!
I have an 88 DR 750SJ. The starter motor was noisy when I bought it but I was told it was probably the starter clutch bearing that needed replacing, It had been that way for some time before I got my hands on it and as it was still managing to start the bike I intended to leave it over the summer and get it sorted over the winter. Last weekend it started to engage but only tern once and then stop. I managed to get her going but as soon as I stopped for fuel and tried to start her up again the same problem arose with it only turning once and then stopping.
On the third attempt, hoping it would go, just to get me home it just clicked. I managed to bump start it but I could hear the engine turning the motor so I turned her off, (using the decomposer as usual!)
By the sound of things the starter isn’t retracting into place and has stayed lodged in the engine, has anybody had this problem before and if so could you give me an idea what I’m likely to find whilst having a poke around?
what I’m likely to find whilst having a poke around?

I think you should take a more technical approach than "poke around" Wink
What has happened to yours has happened to countless others with a Big. If the engine is switched off with the ignition, and the crank is on the up stroke, it invariably wants to recoil because of the compression. The starter clutch, being a one way unit won`t let it recoil, but it does take its toll eventually. The repeated hammering over the years will eventually cause the starter clutch to wear and eventually lose grip as in your case. The tell-tale signs that it is on its way, is usually a bang from the starter when you press the button. You don`t have the same problem with four cylinder bikes, but here we are talking about a monster fukk off piston the size of a bucket :o . The remedy is financially very painful, and unless you have the correct tool (and very few dealers have them), there is no way you can remove the rotor to replace it. The starter clutch is part no 12600-44840 and costs £247.32 :o :o You`ll need the correct tool whatever you do, and I`m afraid I won`t lend mine out any more as the last one was not returned to me (if you were local you could come over and I would do it for you). It cost £140 years ago and involved a ten week wait from Japan. The same item is now unobtainable, hence my reluctance as I had my present one made by an engineer. Possibly someone on the forum will lend you theirs. You could go here and buy one cheap
I`m afraid there is no cheap solution to this one and a second hand one from a breaker will probably be on its last legs as well Sad .
Well Big Bob, thanks for all the good information. Looks like I’m going to have to get some overtime in! Sad The deductor for engine rotor on the link you sent me is the tool I need to proceed I take it, is there any reason why you chose to spend £140 on yours when there available on this link for 33 Euros? I’m presuming it a quality thing? And don’t nock the poking around term, I’m sure it will catch on with you Essex lads just soon enough! :D
monster fukk off piston the size of a bucket hahahaha that tickled me bob ai you crazy man :mrgreen:
When I paid £140 for the puller, the Dr Big was still a current model and Hessler wasn`t in business yet back then, and the tinternet thingy was barely up and running and only available on dial up to the select few.
And as for poking about, how do you think I learned everything there is to know about Bigs Wink
Got one for sale, engine did 60.000km and its from a dr800 who gots a limiter so less wear and fits the 750 Wink
Got the puller from Hessler, aint high grade stuff but its good enough Wink
Fair enough Big Bob, you certainly seem to be the man with all the answers, you’ve probably forgotten more than I know so thanks again! Big Grin

Hi, what is it exactly that you have for sale and how much do you want for it?
part no 12600-44840, should have it some where, will lok it up and post a pic son- or monday..

sorry, bussy making the KTM ready for a crossday in that heavy dutch mud, breaking and selling the parts of a Diversion and familly holidays :roll:
Ok, sounds good. Just out of interest, did the DR 800 have the same problem as my 750? I'm all for saving money :D but I don’t want to be in the same situation in a few months time? Sad
The 1990 800SL had an identical set up to the 750, but the 1991 on 800 had a torque limiter thingy to stop it happening.

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