What's the DR like with/for a pillion?
Just wondering as the Mrs has been asking if she can join me when it's on the road. She often comes with me on my other bikes, although not the sports bike before i sold it. She's not a small lady, she's actually a bit taller and heavier than me. We're both about 70kg/11 stone/155lbs.

I'm wondering if the suspension/brakes get a bit overwhelmed by it all?

Can't imagine we'd do it that often but I'm wondering if it's worth a try.
I’ve ridden a lot with pillion and luggage. Similar combined weight. Suspension is fine on my bike with original shocks. Brakes are a bit crap 1 up so more weight doesnt help. Just take it slow. Not that taking it super fast is an option! Reasonably comfy seat for the passenger and a nice sat up position with a decent reach to the pegs. Its a great all round bike!
Hi all, no problem for a pillion, I've done 1000's of miles with my DR 800, before that, I used my DR750 which has a smaller seat, then a GS1150 came up for sale from a friend, so I bought it, but my pillion wasn't happy and kept getting cramp, so I bought a DR800 and she was happy again, even more so, with the larger seat.
Then about !4yrs ago I looked for another more capable trail style bike, air cooled, but with two cylinders without the BMW badge and a Moto Guzzi Quota 1100 came up for sale, so I bought it, I was so disapointed and expected better, but after a couple of years fettling, it became a decent tourer, we did 1000's of miles on that bike, even shipping it to NZ for six weeks, then Covid struck, unable to travel abroad and due to lack of use, sold it and reverted back to my DR800, although not used for continental travel now. 
The last couple of years I've take either my DR750 or 800 in my ex motability van (lowered floor and a ramp), the pillion's happy and so am I.

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