I removed my OE exhaust system from my SR43 as the collector needed welding up (it cost £60, a new one £404!).
I decided to weigh it as  it`s always intrigued to know how heavy it really is.
It`s 22.5 kg! On a single cylinder bike? What were Suzuki thinking? And it`s carried up high so not good for handling.
It now has a stainless GPR weighing 5kg, so a saving of over 17kg.
It`s now noisier but handles better due to being much lighter.
I also have a 750 OE silencer in mint condition, so I weighed that. It`s 11.5kg.
Not only were the silencers way too heavy but to make them from painted mild steel?
Not Suzuki`s finest design ever.
It's got to be my first upgrade. Just the cost here in Switzerland is about £340.

I`ve got a Marving on one of my Bigs. It`s been on it for about 20 years and lasted well. Not too loud and  it fitted nicely.
You will have to reposition your indicators though.
Would this be cheaper https://www.ebay.de/itm/271996647024?has...R_LwqvrAYg
In Switzerland things like this need a document to pass the Swiss MOT. A document from Europe isn't enough, which infuriates me as Switzerland is in the single market.

What happens is some local chancer gets specific approval for one of these items and then becomes the only distributor, allowing him to charge a huge markup. It's a total scam and I have no idea why the Swiss put up with it.

The one you linked to is probably better than the one I linked to, but doesn't have the document.
Completely OTT. I thought Fascism ended in 1945. Clearly not.
They call it the Swiss Mafia. Some defend it because they say it's patriotic, which is ridiculous as these things are imported. All you're doing is paying some tw@ to mark them up.

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