Thought that I should post a bit about this years experience's of this year so far with my SR42. I have replaced chain and sprockets. The lack of crap in the chain guard and front sprocket cover would suggest previous owner did not lube chain at all explaining why it was so badly stretched for only 16500 miles. I forgot to turn fuel tap off one night. Two days later got a couple of miles down the road  bike started to run rough so turned around to go home. Got home to find fuel and oil mixture pissing out of air box onto floor. Yes crankcase full of fuel. luckily no engine damage but a strip down of carbs following weekend. Had to remove air box to clean it out so carb removal was made easier. Cleaned then stripped carbs. O rings obviously 33 years  old. Ordered parts online  carb kit, choke cable, mag cover gasket and all arrived in a few days . I had to replace choke cable because original broke whilest i was lubing it and trying to free it up it broke. I bought a new mag cover gasket because I decided I should check balance chain and valve clearance while I had tanks off. Before I took cover off I checked if the bung would unscrew. I put a rag around a file that fitted in the slot well and turned it with an adjustable spanner and surprisingly it easily undid. Took cover off carefully and gasket did not tear so have a spare gasket. Balance chain was fine. Checked valve clearance, closed up a bit so I adjusted them. Re built carbs pilot jet spring missing and screwed out too far. It was about 2 1/2 turns out I checked bible against carbs on bike and should only be 1 1/2 tuurns out so that is what it is now.I also decided not to mess with the sealed one in the other carb . Probably why difficult to start when hot and bad idle . Now idles better with idle screw set right with new o ring washer and spring. When I re assembled everything I greased the gaskets and o rings and I have covered about 250 miles with no oil leaks. When put back together put fresh oil and filter in .Rode bike for about ten miles and changed oil and filter again.Checked oil and filter for metal particals and found nothing. I decided to check gauze filter in sump. Bloodly screws were swine to remove from filter, now replaced with cap heads. No metal in filter but plenty of what looked like black gasket crap which seemed odd because engine has not been apart until now it would seem. Even valve cover seems to have original grey sealant on it and mag cover gasket looked like original too. I have been forced it would seem to do a few jobs before I would have liked but the bike seems better for it and luckily no permanent damage was done. The bike now starts and runs better ,idles at about 1500-1600 rpm with out stalling at lights or junctions. I know idle is higher than bible suggests but it stalls if lower and not up to temp. MPG was also 54mpg at last fill up. I now only use E5 and hope seals will be ok as not sure of quality. Seemed ok but only time will tell. Was thinking might leave spare seals soaking in jar of fuel and see how they fair.I was a bit worried about disturbing the fuel pipes but they don't look 33 years old,no cracks or perrishing and no leaks so far, but I check to be sure at moment.Sorry no pictures but I needed to get job done ASAP has I did not want to miss good weather we are having at the moment.
Sounds like it was long overdue for some tlc. Glad it`s running OK.
Thanks Bob , I am hoping I am set good for the rest off this summer. I think the lesson I have learnt is  that just because a bike is shiny and low milage it as not a certainty that it as been that well looked after. I am now wondering if this winter I should strip head stock and re - grease the bearings and the swing arm. If they have been neglected the grease in them will be like lard by now.
Your head bearings will probably need changing by now.
It`s a pain removing the front end if you don`t have a way of supporting the bike.
Invariably it`s the inner bottom race that notches and makes it handle funny
If you need to replace them then do it with quality bearings not Chinese rubbish.
It`s worth while checking all bearings as and when you can as I expect the grease will be either old or non existant
I got an Abba stand for my Bigs which means I can have both wheels off the ground at once.
It involved drilling and tapping the swing arm spindle to take a couple of bobbins but it makes life so much easier
(12-06-2023, 10:37 AM)BigBob Wrote:
[color=#00369b][b][i]I got an Abba stand for my Bigs which means I can have both wheels off the ground at once.

It involved drilling and tapping the swing arm spindle to take a couple of bobbins but it makes life so much easier

Is that an Abba Skylift, Bob?

I`m making a lift based on the Skylift at the moment, i have now decided to do away with the hydraulic ram system of raising the bike and am going with a lead-screw design instead.
Mine is like the superbike stand only they do one for adventure bikes with a 21 inch front wheel
Best investment I ever made 25 years ago.

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