SR42 Fuel tap
The fuel tap on my SR42 has failed, the plastic disc behind the front cover has frozen solid and broke when I tried to turn the tap on.
Strange since the tap has only been idle for 4 or 5 weeks.

Can't find a repair kit.
New taps are no longer available.
750's SR42's and SR43's all have different part numbers.

I can find second hand 750 and SR43 taps (yes the SR43 looks different as you would expect)

Will either option work on my SR42?
The spigots at the back of the tap are different on the 42 and 43 so getting a later tap may cause difficulties with the pipework.
As you say, the fuel taps for the 42 and 43 are no longer available.
Suzuki used the 1985-6 RG250 fuel tap on the SR41 & 42 part no 44300-16700
I`ve found a new one but at a silly price
I should have a spare one somewhere though whether it still works OK I don`t know
Indeed I have spotted the difference with the later part.
Didn't know about the RG250 tap but that one in the states is as you say a silly price.

If you do have one needless to say I would be happy to buy it for a decent price!
You are welcome to my spare. Where are you?
(06-05-2023, 09:00 AM)BigBob Wrote: You are welcome to my spare. Where are you?
Thank you so much, I'm in Bath.
How can we arrange this?
pm me your name and address and I`ll dig it out and send it.
Posted 1st class this afternoon, hope it gets you mobile again
Arrived today, so so many thanks.

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