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Hello everyone from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Back in October I stopped in to a large multi brand dealer here in Calgary to look at helmets. To my

surprise, there on the sales floor was a 1990 DR 800 in blue and white colors. I knew of the DR Big and Canada did receive them for a period of 

time. However, they are like moon rocks around here and I had never actually seen one. Included was a full set of color matched GIVI luggage. A

picture of this very bike can be seen on the internet. The price had dropped from $7999 to $4999 Canadian.

 The story goes is that the bike had been traded in some years ago and the dealer kept it for his personal 

collection. Recently he decided to liquidate part of the collection and this bike was offered for sale. The machine is like new with very low km.

After doing some research and taking some time to deliberate, I pulled the trigger and bought it. That week we received a heavy snowfall so the 

dealer kindly delivered it to my home after giving it a full service including a carb(s) clean.

As we spend winters in California, we left shortly after getting the bike. So I haven't ridden it yet!! I have to wait until April when we return to 

Calgary. I have a 2013 DR 650 that I keep at our winter home. I picked it up last year locally for $3800. As is common, it had lots of useful

accessories so after a new rear tire, chain and sprockets, it was good to go.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to April and putting some km on my new ride. Cheers.
They are certainly rare in Canada, as only 33 750s were sold there and even less of the 1990 800SL SR42 which was only available for one year.
I don`t think you got the later 800SM-SV 1991-97 either, and the USA didn`t get any Bigs at all, though they got the 650 and it`s still available I believe.
We have had a couple of Canadians on here before that managed to pick up a DR750 though we haven`t heard from them for a few years.
Not many of us left with Bigs now as we are all getting older and bits are getting harder to find.
We look forward to hearing from you when the weather is better. Stay safe.
Must be this one: -

[Image: rLqc24q.jpg]


Quote:The water-cooled 800 (779cc) motor produced 54 horsepower at 6,600 rpm, and dry weight was 427 pounds.

The luggage is bigger than the bike.

Looks a good one.
$4999 works out at £3000 so a bargain for a bike that is totally original  and looks like it`s never seen dirt or rain. Good find.
Yes, that is my bike in the picture. The side cases are huge. I doubt I will use them. I'm looking for a small luggage rack but they seem to be 

model year specific and difficult to find. Thanks for the replies.

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