New 750 piston dilema
Well done Dave 

My sincere apologies for not responding about slide guide wear.

To be blunt, the photo you provided showed worn out slide guides.  The article from Moto-Lab is here:

It's for the BST 40 but the concepts and wear points are the same.

There is an O-ring at the bottom of the guide that is often neglected on rebuild.  Suzuki has oddly never included these parts as being available for purchase on any parts site I've ever seen.

Then can be sourced directly from Derek at Moto-Lab in the USA or can also be found from a BMW dealer since they are also used on the old BMW Funduro - but take your old ones with you to match up.

Here is also the article about emulsion tube wear:

I spent the day rebuilding the Carbs after a complete cleaning by Derek at Moto-Lab and re-installing into the bike.

If anyone has come up with a proceedure or order-of-assembly that does not involve brute force and ignorance to install the carbs, I'd like to hear it. 

I remove the airbox/battery bolts and push that assembly to the rear as far as it will go (not that far) to get a bit more room to work, but I still manage to fold up the boots pretty badly while trying to get the carbs in the holes.

And then.....yup....I got to do it all over again.  The carbs would not line up well in the cylinder head and it was only then that I remembered reading the service manual that shows the small "arrow" or "triangle" cast into the carb boots as being located at the 12 o-clock position on the left side and the 6 o-clock position on the right. I assembled them with both arrow UP that seemed logical at the time.......wrong.

Page 3-63 (at the bottom) of the service manual.

Carbs off, chages made and all is assembled.
Useful info in those links you gave there Ladder, shame Mikuni parts cost an absolute fortune from Suzuki.
I find immersing the airbox/carbs rubber in boiling water for a couple of minutes softens it up nicely enough to be able to fit it into place ..... if you are very quick.

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