Treating and Preventing Centre Stand Corrosion
This is the centre stand of my 7 year old BMW. The centre stand was already rusting when I bought it two years ago.
[Image: OGTSaEj.jpg]

Interestingly, if you a google search on 'centre stand corrosion' almost all of the results are BMW related. Years ago I had a K100 and that went through a couple of centre stands. I had a K1200LT (more sofa than motorcycle) and that had centre stand corrosion. I have seen threads on BMW forums where centre stands have been replaced under warrantee. Clearly, BMW are utterly Cussingblack at making centre stands, and have been for decades. My bike still looks pretty new apart from this rusty appendage. It was at the point where it would soon become structural.

I've no idea why they still make them of steel? If they'd make them from aluminium it'd be lighter and there wouldn't be a corrosion problem. I recently rode the new Triumph Rocket III and that had an aluminium side stand.

Anyway, rant over. I recently sand blasted and then powder coated the centre stand, so now it's looking like new. However, I don't want to go through this process again. One problem is stone chipping. All the stones lifted by the front tyre end up blasting the paint off the centre stand. So I got this underbody treatment and painted the centre stand with it.
[Image: 6IuyMdd.jpg]

It doesn't look as nice as the powder coating, but still.

The next thing are the feet where it touches the ground.
[Image: WZ2KH9V.jpg]

No paint can really withstand being dragged on the ground. You can get protectors like this one, but they don't fit this BMW and the cheapest I've seen them is £50!
[Image: BzUg212.jpg]

So instead I had some scrap sheet aluminium and made a paper template.
[Image: 6cdtqkH.jpg]

Bent the edges to hold it in place.
[Image: qMTcLcD.jpg]

For both legs.
[Image: bzB6Ky2.jpg]

You don't really notice it when installed on the bike, but I could easily paint it black if I wanted.
[Image: NkMKscy.jpg]

I don't notice the 0.8mm or so extra height of the centre stand, it's still just as easy to deploy it.

I think I'll probably do the same with the side stands of my other bikes at some point.
Does that underseal stuff dry or does it stay tacky? That looks a good job I will have to check mine, I was surprised how BMWs are affected by corrosion compared to the Japanese bikes I have had.
It is so far still a bit tacky. i was careful not to paint it where you put your foot!

I think there are probably better products for stone chips than the one I used, but that's what I had on the shelf.

It's not just BMW's that have corrosion issues. This is the rear mudguard of my 11 year old garage queen Triumph, bought from almost new and has barely 10,000 miles on the clock.
[Image: j00AJOc.jpg]

The 32 year old DR 800 rear subframe was in better nick.
The rear mudguard on my Honda VTX 1300 did go rotten to be fair and had a rust hole in its swing arm. I used to ride that everyday through the winter and let road salt and grime stay on it because it was dark whenever I got home.
Well, the aluminium wasn't strong enough to hold onto the centre stand.
[Image: Tk25d1z.jpg]

I've since glued it with a strong epoxy glue and it's worked fine.

The anti stone chip paint has completely dried.
I got rid of my stand as I found it dragged on left handers when I was being slightly enthusiastic on cornering, and also the chain scraped it if it was a bit loose, so I would check it`s set up correctly.
Yes, I wanted a centre stand for my Big as I find them really convenient, but after discussing with you I've abandoned the idea. Although to be honest, I can't imagine that I'd be such a hero as to ground it round a corner. Top hero marks to you.

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