Dr Big back on`t road...
Brought the DR800 out of semi-retirement (6 months) yesterday and got it MOT`d in preparation for a green laning event that is happening next weekend on Salisbury plain.
It passed, although i did have a few snags....
Checking the bike over the day before there were a couple of lighs out - the front brake light switch was u/s and the tail light wasn`t working.
I took the switch apart - even though it`s one of those things that isn`t meant to be taken apart, and cleaned the contact up. That fixed it.
Removing the rear light bulb itested it and found one of the filaments not working so in went a another bulb from my stash and all was well lighting-wise.
A drop of SAE140 on the chain and a quick wipe-over with a soapy sponge to make it look half reasonable and it was prepared for inspection!
Sauturday morning 9:30 was MOT time so i set off with plenty of time and got less than 30 metres when i first pressed the back brake i realised i had zero rear brake pressure! (why didn`t i check brakes the day before?)
Quickly returning to the garage i found the reservoir empty (where did the fluid go?) so a quick bleed with new fluid had it working again. Phew...
The off-road tyres on the Big are borderline but i mentioned to my friendly tester that i just needed them to do one more outing before i swapped them for some new tyres waiting in the garage for fitment and he was fine with that.
He was also OK with the fact that the rear brake light - the bulb of which i replaced the day before - now decided to not work!
The Big has some additional LED lights that work with the brake lights which were working so he said as long as i fix the dodgy bulb he`d pass it. I got a new bulb on the way home.

So yeah, ready for Salisbury Plain next week.
Graham, fancy it (it`s a BMW thing really but i`m taking the Big as it`s a bit more manageable)?
Sounds good, I was out on mine for a couple of hours this morning. Do you have a link for the green laning thing, is it on the weekend? How hardcore is it?
Graham, it`s not hardcore at all, it`s very beginner-friendly i think and involves nothing more than riding mainly on gravel tracks and dirt byways.
It`s next Sunday.
Are you on the F***book GS group?
Can you see this events link? https://www.facebook.com/events/607764780727288
That looks quite good, I am up for that as long as its not pissing down with rain. Not sure how I will be off road as I am a but scared of the stones that build up in the middle of country lanes. Wink I stopped at my mates on the BMW last week and it was a big panic because his drive had a camber on it my sidestand wasn't working although I was all loaded up for camping. Wink
Yep, i hope it`s not wet, too...
The BM`s are a big lump, arn`t they?
If you go will you take the BM or the Big?

Where`d you go camping, was it a doooo/rally?
Hann Wrote:Yep, i hope it`s not wet, too...
The BM`s are a big lump, arn`t they?
If you go will you take the BM or the Big?

Where`d you go camping, was it a doooo/rally?

It was a bike rally near Huntingdon, the Soggy Moggy.  I was all loaded up as got a bigger tent and a bigger gas stove.  The panniers make a great table.

[Image: 8-A98-DCEB-022-F-482-F-9-C03-1521-EE9-F7-B0-F.jpg]
I would come on the Big I think.
Had a bit of a ride on the Big this afternoon and found a military checkpoint with soldiers and a tank so had to turn around. Have tightened my chain a notch as it was slapping when I let off the throttle and now its at the tighter end of the spec. All ready for the green laning tomorrow.

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