SR43A Top end rebuild
The OE chain has 3 chrome links but it`s still a fiddle lining it all up.
You need an impact driver for those awful crosshead screws
I replaced them with hex heads.

I have a new spring for my tensioner. I could not get a complete unit. Does anyone know how to open the thing?!

[Image: uHQVY6H.jpg]
The plunger is held in place by a circlip.
Be very careful as the plunger may fly out on release.
As you need to preload the spring the correct number of turns, you really need to unwind the spring very slowly so as to count the number.
To do this correctly you really need the tensioner in a vice and get someone to help as you need three hands at least.
You get one go at this and if you get it wrong the engine may get wrecked so plan ahead and don`t rush into it.
Good luck
Thanks for the heads up. Like this?

- Remove circlip while holding a screw driver in the back of the tensioner
- Gently pull out plunger while counting how many times the screwdriver turns
Something like that. Get another pair of hands on the case just to be safe.
Sooo...even with a helper we did not manage to count the rotations. Either there was no pre load or we messed up.

Question I have...Do I preload the spring before screwing the thread into the plunger?


[Image: oxaCxZx.jpg]
You messed up!
The spring needs to be preloaded, and unfortunately I can`t remember how many turns but it`s at least half a dozen.
Having a correctly tensioned spring is critical or you will wreck the engine
Edit! I thought I had ordered one...but they do not have it in stock and neither does Suzuki. Looks like its back to guess work! Doh!

Do I preload the spring before I screw into the plunger? Or do I simply preload it by retracting the plunger and fix it in place before installing. Same as below:

[Image: hKCqPgl.jpg]
This forum is great...a bit of trawling and look what I found!

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