Austria places to stay
    Made it to Croatia yesterday after 5hours in some of the worst rain iv ever ridden in. Seen nothing of Slovenia other then petrol stations. Stayed near Rijeka last night and rode down the route 8 cost road today one of the best roads iv been on. And as it is out of season its not to bizzy . On one of the islands tonight Pag . Split tomorrow.

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Apart from the weather I am so jealous. I've only driven that road in a car and when it was full of Dutch caravans. The islands are nice, although I've not been to Pag.

Can you not squeeze any more luggage on that bike? Big Grin
To be fair only one of them panniers is mine. Our Doris has the other for her clothes. The top box has her hair products. Also her shoes . The red stuff bag has our winter gear for when we get back up the Austrian passes. . The big girl has carried more in the past

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