Adventure Overland Show 17/18 Sept 2022 Stratford upon Avon UK
(28-07-2022, 09:19 AM)GrahamW Wrote: Well I have tried new more road based tyres and have tried grip puppies, when I get over about 55 its like a buzzing vibration that gets my hands.  I find myself having to have my palm open on top of the throttle after a while.  Some times I don't notice it and sometimes its really bad.

I can get this on any bike where there's weight on my hands, and it's got worse as I've got older. I know now not to get bikes where I don't sit upright. I do have a sports bike, but I only ride that for 30 mins or so, then I've had enough.

Everyone is different in what they can tolerate. I suspect I might be like you when my DR is ready to be ridden, but I don't plan on it being a bike I ride long distances. We shall see.
It seems very unfair to Dr Big after it has done so well in the last couple of years. Its sitting there in the back of the shed with a sorn on it. Like old Boxer waiting for the truck to take him to the knackers yard. No, I will have to get some cheap insurance and let it have a semi retirement around the country lanes of Sussex.

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