Swiss SR42A Resurrection
Shame to loose the full floater stickers, that was always a source of mirth with my friends.
[Image: GLj2Rto.jpg]

I think you can still get the decals online so I might do that at some stage.

Actually, I've found a full floater decal on ebay and ordered it.

It's not exactly right as mine didn't have yellow letter 'F's, but it's close enough.
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(10-08-2022, 03:13 PM)kurtverbose Wrote: I've ordered some HEL braided steel brake lines.

These have arrived, but they're too short. Angry

[Image: Eerokta.jpg]

Anyone know if the brake pipes are different in length between the 1990 and 1991? They do have different part numbers.
Actually, the German firm who sent it have got back to me and said it's their fault. They've asked if I could send me my brake lines so they can make up a correct set and update their database.

Got to say, that's great service.
If you feel the need to look original I changed mine in 2013, I sent a picture of my swing arm decals to telling them they were 240mm x 38mm, they matched the font and sent them for £14 all in.
I have my wife's permission to keep breathing!! Big Grin
A bit late for that decal, but good to know in the future, thanks.
Covered the VIN plate with some gorilla tape.
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