Merry Xmas
Wishing all the inmates on here a very merry xmas!
Bah Humbug! :wave:
Have a great day all you lovely people
Rob from Dartmoor.
Merry Christmas big fellas :clap:
Aye Merry Christmas all, have a good one, would have been a great day for a ride today glorious sunshine down here.
Merry Xmas , stay safe :wave:
Ate a zillion carbs and have been in a daze since 3. A few well aimed Laphroaigs in order noe Banghead :clap:
Well, 2 days of eating, drinking, and loafing around has given me xmas arse and a back ache :tdown:
Been glad to get on with a few jobs today. Even ran the bikes for a bit but didn't get out on them unfortunately. Sunday should be good for a ride out and will hopefully reverse the effects of visiting the outlaws tomorrow Big Grin
Been out on a bike for at least two hours every day this month, riding through flood, mud and filth and coming home utterly covered in shite.
Still, it beats being a settee slug Wink

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