Front brake master cylinder replacement
Guys...another totally random question if anyone is killing time at work Confusedhh:

I have a simple 2 pot single front brake on my KLR. If i damage the master cylinder in a crash, can I replace it with basically any old master cylinder that fits the hoses? Or do the master and slave have to be perfectly matched?

I`ve got a Bandit 1200, CBR1000F and a VZ1800 m/cylinders on my Bigs if that`s any answer.
They were cheap, available and span adjustable which suited my big hand
Basically anything that will fit will do the job.
For a single disc a 14mm one is probably best suited.
Cheers Bob! Thanks for the quick reply even if its not regarding my BIG...which is sulking under a very wet cover in the garden :? Whens summer back?
How do you find the rear brake on the KLR mine used to be virtually non existent but I think I was missing a black plastic looking thing that was meant to go inside the rear piston that stuck out a bit and touched the back of the pad.

Funnily enough I have been watching GlobeRiders on Amazon prime recently as loads of bike trip stuff on there they showed KLRs on a trip from China to Germany bit the KLRs were having trouble. Made me miss my KLR a little bit.

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