My firs DR750
Hi all,

Just bought a 1989 DR750 as a rolling restoration. My previous resto's have been BMW Aircooled R-Series & a GT750 Suzuki.
Can't ride at the moment awaiting Hip Revision surgery which gives me plenty of time to get the bike ready for next year.

I think the bike is an Italian Import circa 2000 and has 51000 Km on the clock. It looks original other than powder coating of the frame & black wheels.
I could do with converting the speedo face to MPH if anyone know who can do it that would be a help. I could also do with a replacement screen as this ones crazed all over. Are there any mirrors available
Cracking bike, good luck with the rebuild. Loved my dr800.
Rob from Dartmoor.
Mph speedos are at a premium due to the number of foreign imports over the years so you may struggle to find a mph one.
However, the DR350 90-97, DR 600 1989, and DR650 1990-95 used the same speedo so you may get lucky with one of these ie
The mirrors off the 350, 600, 650 and 800 are essentially the same as the 750 so there should be a few on fleabay
Screen is still available from Suzuki @ £118.20 but I expect someone on here has a spare
I see you still have the rustveryquickly silencer, which is a rarity.
Plenty of info on this site to be absorbing while you are waiting for the NHS to fix you up Wink
Where in the country are you?

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