Here is my old DR650RS

[Image: 20191014_183942.jpg]

[Image: 20191014_183949.jpg]

[Image: 20191014_184032.jpg]

[Image: 20191014_184052.jpg]

[Image: 20191014_184111.jpg]

[Image: 20191014_184123.jpg]

All looking good so far. The YSS rear shock is a thing of beauty. Looks very well made and a great price. The one removed was an old Hagon (fully knackered). I may have a little work to do on the shock linkage Big Grin
May have them cleaned up and fitted this weekend.
Rob from Dartmoor.
Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup
Ah wow, so nice to see everything so fresh and clean :clap:
Tis looking great. Have you plans for painting the plastics?
Did you pull the vin plate off the frame?
More pics as ye go Rob Wink
Hi H
There wasn't a vin plate fitted, but a frame number stamped (matches my registration document). And it's still readable though the powder coating.
Plastics and tank are in good condition, so just a set of new pattern decals, the same as fitted. They are surface mount, not lacquered over.
Got family over this weekend so I'll put some time in on the bike Big Grin

P.S, just taken a delivery of lots of Stainles steel nuts, bolts and washers..........lovely Thumbup
Rob from Dartmoor.
Fast turnaround on the coating then Thumbup My powder coater is good but slow.
Dropped off Monday morning last week, called me to collect Friday morning. Spot on really.

I've got a load of parts need cleaning now and a fair bit of painting.
Rob from Dartmoor.
A little more work done, but slow progress due to working away. And I'm away all next week :tdown: .

Just got one bolt to get lined up so I can pick up the thread to tighten up. Clearly visible in the pics.

[Image: 20191026_202521.jpg]

[Image: 20191026_202549.jpg]

[Image: 20191026_202538.jpg]

[Image: 20191026_202621.jpg]

Look at this lot. If it was all genuine parts it would have cost a fortune. Thankfully, All Balls do the kit for my bike, whoop whoop !

[Image: 20191026_132804.jpg]

If only I could work as efficiently as Mr HLime
Rob from Dartmoor.
Gotta meet this other Lime fella whos efficient lol Big Grin
That looks super and you have gone the whole hog with the linkage bearings, nice one. I'm on the fence there about mine as they feel ok but will have a proper sconce.
Willya paint the engine and fairings? Whats next?
Very nice Thumbup
Nug would that all balls bearing/bushings/seals kit work for the 750?
Oh and muchias thnx for the rear disc recommend, bought it Thumbup

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