Here is my old DR650RS
Don't go crazy on it but it is worth cleaning it up.
Wise words Nug. It's so tempting to 'over do it' and splash out a ton of money that will never be seen again. It'll have to be taken back to a naked frame, it's very rusty. Wheel rims/spokes are bad, but I can paint and clean up the rest myself. Body work is in good undamaged condition.
Theres a white electric start 650 on eblag, finishing tonight. It's up to £1500.00 so far.
Rob from Dartmoor.

How can you buy it new and only do 300 miles on it? I would understand if it was a kickstart model and the owner was a big girls blouse Banghead

Couldn't find the white you mentioned but It would be interesting to see if it get more than a Big does.
5K Banghead wow.
The white one finished yesterday, around 5 p.m. it made £1500.00. That seems to be the average selling price. So as you say Nug, DON'T over do the rebuild. Thumbup
Rob from Dartmoor.
Just been out and removed the Tank, fairing & side panels. Had to drill one bolt head to get the dam fairing off. Reckon I'll have more of that !
Project pull the Fe*ker apart starts Saturday. Expect the photo's you all yern for soon.

Bet you can't wait.......yes ?

Big Grin
Rob from Dartmoor.
[Image: 20190928_120726.jpg]

I wonder if this will end happily

Tomorrow I will have the beast dismantled. Thumbup
Rob from Dartmoor.
Ah, rusty nuts. Always a pain!
Slow progress due all the other stuff I have to do. But the bikes are what keep me sain !

[Image: 20190929_180750.jpg]

Some one fitted a Suzuki ignition switch from a different model, hence the shart connections.

[Image: 20190928_183747.jpg]

Everything has come apart OK so far. Got to do some tidying up of the wiring harness (loom) and I was shocked at the weight of the standard, knackered silencers.

As I'm working away, all that keeps going through my head is Nugs wise words of extreem wisdom...........don't over do it ! :lolno:
Rob from Dartmoor.
So long as you do all the maintenance items and fix the bodges that you find, I am sure it will be fine. I good old clean and spay it up with some decent maintenance spray and you will find it will look a whole lot better. I don't use wd40 anymore as it doesn't last. I use either ACF50 which is bloody expensive but does seem to magically bring things back to life and preserve them. Or more often (and cheaper) I use PX24. This is a military grade maintenance fluid that I just put in a spray bottle. Its very light, but if you spray it on wet and leave it, it seems to sweat off and leave a nice thin protective coating. Just gave my CCM a good clean for its MOT and sprayed it up with it. My MOT man who is a man of few words, commented on how good it looked. Makes all the fasteners look better than they are... Thumbup

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