Returning to the forum
Morning/afternoon or evening all.

I used to be on here some years ago, with my DR800 (sadly sold)
I've now managed to get my grubby mits on an imported DR650RS kick start model. Bought as a none runner, but cleaned the carb and all's well with the engine (the importand part for me), but brakes crap, rusty frame etc.
It's a 1990 (imported '96) on the log book, CMS parts people agree but Fowlers M/C said Suzuki told them it's a 1993.

Any ideas ?

Chassis no. SP42A101316

Bikes a bit rough so I'm going to strip it down powder coat and respray original colour. I'll put up some photo's when I get the PC fired up, I hear you all like photo's :lolno:
I've also bought a TTR600R, electric start, Acerbis long range tank etc. Lovely bike, but the DR suits my large frame better for distance riding. I've just sold a VFR1200X Crosstourer Auto, lovely bike. I recently returned from a 3K ride to Norway and came to the conclusion that I don't need such a big motor, so I flogged it. Going to tour the DR in future. Happy days. Oh, and I live in south Devon Thumbup

Quiet on here now, but I see the hardcore are still around, that's good !

Rob Thumbup
Rob from Dartmoor.
Hello and welcome. :wave:
I used to have a 1990 k/start 650 just like yours. Mine was an Italian import and I suspect yours will be as well.
It should have a white sticker on the headstock with a E number. Tell me the number and I`ll tell you the country of origin.
iirc your bike had the same front end as the DR750, whereas the 91-95 models used the DR800SM 91-97 front wheel, which meant it got a bigger front disc and better braking.
For some odd reason they also gave it very soggy fork springs which meant it dived horrendously on braking.
On my 1990 650 I put a complete 1992 DR650 front end on with progressive springs and it was great.
For donkey`s years I was the Tech Officer for the Suzuki Owners Club and still have all the frame charts and techy stuff I got from Suzuki GB.
I can confirm you have a 1990 model.
We didn`t get the k/start model though it was sold in the USA and Europe for about 5 years.
If you want to be sad or even really sad go here
Click on rahmennummern and it will bring up every frame no for every Suzuki ever made
The site also has every paint code ever used plus everything ever known about every Suzuki ever
I think the bloke that compiled it has spent every waking hour for the past 30 years being a total anorak and needs to get out more.
Excellent reference site though.
Don`t go to Fowlers for spares as they are not known as Foulups for nothing.
Talk to Michelle at Robinsons 01227 454366 and mention my name for 10% discount. Ask for her by name.
They also have have a huge amount of old spares in stock so have a better chance of having what you need.
Stripping your front brake with new pistons/seals will improve your survival chances no end!
I`ve just been contacted by a new member from Dorset so a meet up at Loomies is on the cards I feel.
Anything you want to know about your 650 just ask. Thumbup

Thanks Bob, looks like the white sticker (headstock) is well gone.
I'll keep anyone interested with up dates and photos. Should tear it down in a few weeks.

Bob, do you still have the stainless snail cams for chain adjustment ?
Rob from Dartmoor.
Welcome back mate an don't be shy with putting up pics an info of the work you do. Its all good content for the site Thumbup
Will do Nug. Thumbup
Rob from Dartmoor.

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