Hello from UK.
Hello all people of the DR Big forum!

The reason i am here is i have been given the `opportunity` / been volunteered by a mate for attempting to get a VERY sad-looking and tired Dr800 into some kind of running order. It`s bad.....

We`ve got it running after sorting out a very dilapidated wiring loom and refreshing the carbs, but *everything* needs attention..

I`ve always liked Dr Bigs so i have a vested interest in getting it running - looking forward to a rort when it`s ready, and i have very good memories of Suzuki trial bikes from my early days of biking.

I`m sure there`ll be a few questions along the way....
Welcome and good luck with the project. Get some pics posted Thumbup
Hallo :wave: and where are you?
" Wrote:Get some pics posted Thumbup

Are you sure you want to see this?
Warning! The following image is not suitable for viewing by those of a nervous disposition.
Attention! DR Big enthusiasts should click the `back` button now.

View this image at your own peril;

This is all i have of it at the moment - it`s my mates project and i was tasked with sorting out the wiring.
I have had a sneaky test ride around the block and from what i could tell i think i`d really like a good one of these - loved the torquey, thumpy, laid-back power delivery and thuddy exhaust note. Thumbup

Bob, Hampshire.
Its not pretty :lolno:
Fugly is the first word that came to mind.
It`s a 1990 SL model.
It looks like it needs a complete body kit and total restoration.
Best place to get a wiring loom is from Germany as they don`t tend to get messed with or ridden in winter.
Looks like it will keep you busy for a while.
He`s got the tank(s) and bodywork, but yeah, everything will need to be looked at.
It`s gonna` end up as a Survival bike, that was the plan, don`t know what he thinks about spending 300 quid on fixing the starter clutch yet....
You`ll need the rotor removal tool from Suzuki to do the s/clutch. It really isn`t possible without it so don`t even try.
Can you send me a link or part number for the puller please Bob?
..........and here it is!
It`s not pretty, but it`s all i had to work with, and it actually works much better than it looks.
It`s going quite well, i`ve done a few hundred miles on it and like it`s character very much.

I`ve recently installed extra lighting (i had that light unit hanging around in the garage for years just waiting for the right bike to put it on), a taller screen, `day bag`/tank bag, mortar tube toolbox (i had hanging around in the garage for years just waiting for the right bike to put it on), and a `navigation/comms stack` (i had hanging around in the garage for years just waiting for the right bike to put it on), so i`m all ready for Paris Dakar!
Actually, the first big test will be next week - i`ve got time off work and am planning on doing a mini tour of Wales, traveling light, ad-hoc route, maybe some wild camping if possible sleeping under a tarp next to the bike...

[Image: IMG-0678.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0676.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0679.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0674.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0681.jpg]

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