Decomp cable.
Needed to get a new decomp cable for my 650r (sp44a). Upside was local dealership had it in stock. Downside? They charged 30 quid. How can suzuki justify that price?
They can`t and they don`t care either. Buy it or do without is their attitude.
Clutch cable for your bike is also nearly £30 (same on the Big) and a throttle cable is £68.60! (£66 on the Big)
I would still recommend buying genuine as Chinese copies are utter shite and will break when you are miles from home.
I know Robinsons have a bunch of throttle cables in stock for your bike and will do you one half price
If you think the cable prices are high, then try buying elctrical items :o
DR 650 stator £544.40, rotor £531.28, CDI £482.43
DR800 stator £533.74, rotor £608.23, CDI £488.34
Fuel tank for an 800 is now over £1000!!
..... and I can remember when running a bike was cheap Banghead not any more it seems.
This is the end product of rampant capitalism; screw the poor for every penny they can ....... bastards!
This is why I`ve bought up quite a few wrecks over the years just for the spare parts.
The 650 still going strong then Kyle ??
Oh yes!! Great wee bike. Still need to sort rear shock. Headin co. Cork tomorrow. Night time trails!!
You got a good deal on that wee bike , lol
And every time i go out on it i remember just that!!!
:clap: great wee bike for lanes

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