Hi, New XF650 freewind Owner! Looking for help and info
The XF650 is based on the DR650 from 96 on, which was discontinued here in 97 but is still sold virtually unchanged in the USA to this day.
Diagrams of the XF can be found here http://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-xf650_model14292/
There is a brand new genuine ignition on Ebay for your bike http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-Genuine...339b7a7adc
They are £152.41 new from those thieving swine at Suzuki!
If the gear change seal needs replacing, it`s a simple enough job to do, and don`t forget to replace the gasket as well.
A new starter clutch is £241 from Suzuki and you will need a special tool to remove the rotor. The tool is probably the same as the one on the Big and several of us have one.
There is a Chinese outfit on Ebay flogging s/clutches half price. Don`t even think of it!
The 91-95 DR650 s/clutch is different.
If you have to buy new genuine spares, use Robinsons on 01227 454366. Mention my name for 10% off.

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