DR600 - New project and new problems
Thats the accelerator pump rod missing by the sounds of it.

Maybe somebody on here has a link to a workshop manual to help you with the decompressor settings ? Failing that I could dig out and scan my workshop manual for you but god knows where is Banghead
Yep the 650's had a CV carb. I have had a few 600's & can't imagine how they would feel without the pumper carb on. I reckon they where the best of the 600's for shear grunt Thumbup
Go here for carb diagrams http://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-dr600_model13211/
I very strongly recommend you get a genuine manual rather than messing about and guessing
One on Ebay, but at £300 for a used 1982 model, I think someone has been at the Xmas sherry Banghead
You can get a new one from Robinsons on 01227 454366, mention my name for 10% off.
As for the decompressor cables, I would definitely recommend removing the one by the kick start as they tend to get rusty and stick, which invariably leads to bent valves which means lots of ££££££££££££. The other cable does the job just as well on its own. 3mm of slack iirc.
The front brake must be the worst ever seen on a Suzuki. Absolutely criminal in its inefficiency :o Ditto the rear.
I replaced the complete front end with one off a 650 just to get decent brakes.
The fun I used to have kicking the old girl over, especially if she was sulking............ Aaaaaaah ...........memories.......... Wink
i've a manual,no scanner,but can photo and email the piccys if you want 'em. I never bothered with the decompressors on my 600 but i had to be "committed" when booting it over,no half hearted kicking! Allways made sure the journey i made meant it was fully warmed up, or else it would take a while to make it's mind wether it wanted choke or not. Mikuni pumper carb bits-Allens Performance.Cheers Thumbup
|Looking good Thumbup

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