srarter crunching churning
Hi can anyone help with yet another problem I have with my dr big .As I have said before I have bought a big as a none runner but got it ticking over but kept poping and banging when I opened the throttle was given some advice to change the petrol as it was 2 years old so I have just done this when to start it engine started turning over then stoped and all that happens now is the starter motor sounds like it is turning but with a churing grinding noise .Can anyone suggest a cure or is it going to be expensive fix as I got a feeling mashed metal inside engine .
Getting fed up with her now .
Could this be a common problem with this bike as all I was doing was starting the bike when starter made this noise
Ok been back to bike took the mag left hand engine cover of to check out the cogs all seems ok . starter motor turns ok put it all back together and the starter motor turns the engine over now but still got a strange noise as it does it any ideas why it shoul now turn the engine over ?????? When it did not before strange ???
Could be the starter clutch slipping. Did you make sure all the starter gears had their teeth present ? Where are you ? maybe a member near you could have a look ?
Sounds like the s/clutch. Not good as they cost loadsa £££££
Oh bugger did not want to here that big bob .It seems like the starter engages again now coz the engine turns over but when it first happend it sounded like a chain had come of or a cog pin had sheared off coz engine would not turn over but starter motor was turning .Still having problems starting bike ., she did start once but would not rev up so I changed petrol as you suggested only seems to try and start when I put a bit of petrol down the spark plug hole and put a bit of lead from a pencil on the spark plug electrode .This is how I managed to get her started last time .Still waiting for these super dooper plugs to arrive from america .The old plugs spark but its a white spark not blue as it should be is that correct ????
Yep you want big blue/white sparks, and the plug has to be gapped properly IIRC .7 - .8mm

Orange sparks mean the plug's on it's way out.

If you haven't already, make sure all terminals are properly connected and you have a healthy battery, the starter motor's terminal can sometimes loosen and displace irregular contact and give off horrible sounds as that described.

However I would be interested to know if the "mechanical crunching" sound as you described happens when the starter is turning over (button pressed) or when released (i.e: kickback)?

If in need:

Sounds like the s/clutch is mullered due to the bike being always turned off at the ignition and not with the decompressor.
This topic has been covered many times so read some of the old posts
Bad news is that the starter clutch (12600-44B01) is £280 for a new one
Hello again bigbob do you think that coz the bike won't start verywell with all the back fireing and me churning the engine over on the starter has made the starter clutch chip a few teeth .Thing is I understand to kill the engine with the decompresor rather than the kil button but when your trying to start the engine and it won't go is it best to pull the decompresor lever before you let go of the starter switch or just let go of it coz it won't start coz that is what i have been doing never thought about pulling the decompresor before letting go of starter button
Just pull in the decomp lever before you hit the starter button.
The lever should click and stay in the out position if it`s adjusted correctly
When you press the button and the engine rotates, the lever will automatically click out again.
Do NOT hold it down or you`ll bend valves!
It`s designed to hold a valve open for most of an engine revolution to enable the engine to spin quickly which it couldn`t otherwise do due the inertia of such a big reciprocating lump.
The starter side of this bike can be it`s Achilles heel if not used correctly and I fear you are not conversant enough with its foibles and will do lasting and expensive damage if you continue.
Maybe if you live close enough to another Biggy they may come and advise you on the procedure, but in the meantime I advise you to read all the old posts regarding starting. There s also a section on it in the Holy Book.
As you have a non runner with no history you are clearly assuming that the engine is in good working order, but how do you know if the camchain tensioner hasn`t broken and the camchain not jumped a couple of teeth on the sprocket? It would certainly explain the backfiring and clatter.
Alas, too many people make too many assumptions these days, so I think you need a more rigorous approach before you break it good and proper like.
As they said when I were a lad...........assumption is the mother of all fukkups
Here endeth the lesson Wink

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