fuel pump rebuild kit
Hi guys, today arrived in the mail my rebuild kit for the fuel pump and discovered it has different parts than my df62 pump.

the kit has clear plastic diaphgram and the exploed view does not show any spring, while the pump has rubber diaphgram with 2 springs.

searched for info and found that ladder106 had my same "problem" but I didn't find how he solved it.

is that an upgraded kit or I need a "different DF62" kit?

here is a pic of the kit

[Image: 283cce275494571.jpg]

here it is the pump

[Image: e4c458275494755.jpg]
I used the updated parts - and in a leap of faith in Mikuni - the pump works just fine (yes, even without the spring).

Sally forth. All will be good.

Oh...and 100 bonus points for actually searching Thumbup
GOOD! I will assemble the pump then pray :lolno:
thank yo Thumbup u!
Pump assembled, now a quick flat black paint and then on the big!
Where did you purchase the seal kit?


I bought it on Ebay, search for "mikuni df-62"
just for information I haven't tried it yet
Thanks, I know a company called Tour max produce seal kits for old bikes (made in Japan). I'll try and see they supply anything and post some links.


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