Knackered Magneto cover
Hi chaps,

Any advice on getting the magneto cover out? Looks like the ace mechanic that had the bike before me had rounded the Allen key drive. There is a replacement crankcase cover on ebay for about £40 quid, but I would rather replace just the small cover.

Grind the hole square with a dremel?
Hammer in a Torx bit?
Araldite/plastic metal an Allen key in the hole?
All suggestions will be welcomed

(I've had the full cover off to adjust and check the balance chain and have adjusted the tappets - cover is back on so there is no urgency.)

There have been any number of posts on here about those inspection covers being seized. As far as I`m aware no one has ever removed one successfully without chewing up the threads. Do what everyone else does and just leave it be. It`s not as if you have to remove the magneto cover very often anyway.
Hi there

Mine was totally stuck on there.

I sinply got the whole cover off and drilled the cap - use a small drill bit and very slowly drill lots of holes across the cap in a line - it will the collapse in on itself.

The new caps are designed differently so you cant over tighten them so much. Don't buy a alan key one again - the new one is designed to use something like a coin to screw it up.
Actually, the slot design came first and the Allen key design came many years later so you are still going to have the same problem
Company Called ZETA do nice anodized ones for the DRZ400 I think they fit the 650 750 800. That would probably be a good option.

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