Speedo trip meter
Ello ello. The trip meter bits and pieces are missing from the inside gubbins of my speedo on my 1986 Dr 600. Is it possible to buy the parts to fix this. I don't really want to fit a new clock. If I bought another clock would it be an easy fix to swap the trip meter bits and pieces over. It's not really too important but it is very handy to reset every time I fill up with fuel. Many thanks. Dave
Your post is a bit confusing but I assume you need a new trip meter knob and ickle screw, nos 5 & 6.
Part nos 34124-44B30 and 34184-12D00 at an outrageous price of £7.34 and £2.45 from those thieving kuntz at Suzuki.
Hello again. Sorry I am a little confusing at the best of times. I actually meant that the screw, knob and the number dials that rotate inside the clock are all missing, Thanks for replying. Thumbup
Then you need a new speedo unit really.
One here http://www.ebay.de/itm/Suzuki-DR-600-Dak...4aa80b0467
That's brill thankyou. Thumbup

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