Just when I thought.........
Bloody marvellous!, just when I thought everything was perfect for this years mot!. Went for a little spin out yesterday and can you believe it?, the sodding neutral light is staying lit no matter what gear it's in!. Have'nt got time to investigate at the moment so if any one can save me the time and tell me whats gone wrong, it would be apprecieated. It's a 93/94 DR650 RS, thanks for any input.
It`s earthing out somewhere along the line.
Neutral wire is blue.
Shouldn`t be an MOT failure though.
Hi folks, well I finally have got around to looking at the problem, it's a weird one in that, when you try selecting a gear ign. on, but engine not running the light operates as it should, i.e. goes out when you select first or second gear, but , when you select a gear with the engine running, the bas'tard light stays lit!!. Test out perfectly with a meter. Anyone heard of the switch failing?.
Just thought I'd better update this, turns out the problem with it earthing was in the cdi, so I took Bob's advice and disconnected the bloody thing.
I hate giving up on a fault but I'm not changing the cdi for something like this. For those who want to (or need to) know, you do not require a neutral light to obtain an MOT on a motorcycle, as Bob stated 8-)
Nope, you don`t need a neutral light for an MOT.

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