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Hi guys, I'm working on the fork swap but I have some problem with the bearings.
I have an early 750 (drum brake, SJ right?) so it should have a lower tapered roller bearing and an upper ball bearing, when all other years big have two tapered bearing (25x47x16 upper and 30x55x17 lower right?)
So in my case, can I upgrade to a tapered bearing or must I keep the ball bearing?

as always, thank you all :wave:
The lower bearing is the same on just about every Suzuki from 1980 till about 2000.
However, the upper ball bearing they used on the SJ is a one off and as far as I know cannot be replaced by a taper bearing.
Which is the difference with later bigs? Sonething in the frame where the bearong sits?
Where can I find the specs of that bearing? I have to mill a new fork "tube" (don't know the name in english sorry) and sort out what to do with the bearings.
With my early drum braked big i fitted this http://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/advance...&x=39&y=14
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Without any mod? Just a direct swap?

I use these 48mm bearings on my old SR41 ones, too.

Well, I`ve learnt something, you can replace ball bearings with taper bearings on the SJ.
The upper bearing doesn`t take any load so I`ve continued with the ball bearings as they have never given me any trouble in 25 years.
thanks guys!
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