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Hi new on here i have ccm with dr 650 engine and it pops output shaft seal out when you start engine !!!!!!!!!! was thinking blocked breather but can only find one by starter that goes to airbox with hose off you can feel it breathing are there any other breathers or any ideas on why its doing it Thumbup
I had a ccm with the same engine (xf650) . Take the oil filler out and start it to see if it happens again.
Thanks will try it what would that mean if it doesn't do it ???? Confusedhock:
Check the oil level first to see if there`s too much in there. It`s more than possible that fuel has leaked past the carb o rings and filled up the engine which would cause serious crankcase pressure. Double check by having a sniff of the dipstick.
Having an output seal pop out in this way requires one hell of a crankcase pressure so I`m sure it`s more than a blocked breather.
Thanks drained oil not to much and no fuel in oil http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost....ount=13131

Yanks have this on there dr 650 so keeps seal in , seems like avoiding problem to me but if it works :mrgreen:
If its ok with the filler plug out then it points to blocked breather. Goods points raised by Bob, it would take a lot of pressure to blow a seal out & even a knackered engine shouldn't do it. Have you got oil in the airbox ? Is the breather hose collapsed ?. I had a DR650 SE which never had an issue like this & also a CCM 644 with 710cc Kit on it which I used to really hammer on & off road, again without any problem. The only thing that ever happened on the CCM was the float valves sticking one time which filled the crankcase with fuel

When you run it without the filler check for it"breathing" i.e. chuffing or smoking out of the hole.
Thanks for advice have been reading up and there is oilway behind seal which then goes through hole into shaft to feed oil to gears wondering if it is blocked ????? the only breather i can see is one by starter to air box and this is ok Sad
H quick update it was hole in countershaft that was blocked , so oil had nowhere to go except pushing seal out done few hundred miles now no probs , have fitted a seal retainer I got from states today belt and braces approach now :mrgreen:

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