Coil pack or HT leads change.
Hi, I am after a bit of help with my DR650 (Baby big).

Its the twin plug single and one of the ht leads and plug cap have been burnt on the exhaust. Just bought it and change plugs/serviced etc and noticed it. Its not through to the core and still sparks the plug but it will be letting water in.

Question, Can the coil be left and the plugs caps be changed, I have not had to do this on a bike before but I believe you can change them, and not change the coil. Where is the best place to by them from and what am I looking for, HT performance leads etc, where to buy?

Cheers in advance, Chris.
If it`s still working OK then there is no reason not to keep using it.
Pretty sure the HT leads can`t be changed on the 650.
You could put a rubber sleeve over the HT lead to stop it chafing and just buy new plug caps.
There are loads of coils on Ebay but most of them are Chinese shite that can`t be trusted.
Get a genuine one as a replacement and wrap your old one up in a plastic bag and cable tie it to the underside of the subframe so you always have a spare Wink
New coil from Suzuki £111.27 :o :o Banghead
Thanks again Bigbob,

I siliconed the burnt bit and sealed it as best I could, so whilst its still working I will keep it.

For piece of mind I have just ordered two new plug caps from NGK, apparently the old ones screw off, I just hope there is enough ht lead left to attach the new ones.

Cheers for the advice.
The old plug cap was all that needed changing

NGK XD05F plug caps fitted and did the trick. Old plug caps screwed off, new screwed on. The new where about 10mm taller, which helped because it allowed me to cut the burnt part of the ht lead off.

Total cost for two, £4.62.

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