DR650 clutch basket
Anybody out there ever replaced the rivets in a clutch basket? While waiting for flywheel puller decided to check clutch on the rse (mistake) on removal found play between basket and gear wondered if I could replace the rivets? Or if anyone had a s/h unit for sale , box of bits getting bigger , bike smaller.
I`m assuming you have the 90-95 model, in which case a new basket is £257 :o
The later 650SE used a clutch basket virtually identical to the Big, the difference being a 61 cog at the back as against the Bigs` 62. Clutch plates etc were the same as the Big.
You can get the rivets replaced and there are several companies that do this but you are looking at £150+
The 650 was not noted for a rattly clutch, nor were any other DRs, or Suzukis in general, apart from the GS1000E which was famous for it due to the piss-poor weak radial springs, which needed replacing with much stronger ones.
I`m thinking that your bike has spent an awfully long time on the back wheel due to being owned by a hooligan wheelie monster
I think getting another one off fleabay might be the answer.
Are your metal clutch plates worn really smooth? In which case they will need replacing as well.
Came to the same conclusion ! Have checked plates etc and on the limit will be replacing , only basket on eBay from states £85 approx that I can find. One day might get out on her? Cheers mark

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