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Re: removing auto decompression - BigBob - 09-01-2016

At 6ft 6 and over 17 stone I found it almost impossible to kick over my 600 without the decompressor. You must be Geoff Capes Banghead
iirc there were two decomp cables on my 600 and one worked off the kickstart and was well known to cause trouble, often resulting in bent valves.
The received wisdom was that this cable should be removed and just leave the one on the handlebar which gave no trouble.
Why Suzuki designed it with two decomp cables is beyond me as it certainly didn`t need both.
Of course, it is possible your cable is not adjusted correctly as there should be considerable resistance at TDC, and if you don`t have that then there is certainly a problem with either your cable or your decomp shaft being incorrectly aligned.
As the effort needed to kick over the 600 was extreme, the advice I was given was "to kick it like you were kicking a rapist off your mother" so no resistance means something is very wrong.