Dr Big Rally Switzerland in September
Looks like heavy rain on saturday Sad but sunday looks ok Smile Anyone else up for a ride?
Hi guys
So what bout Sunday? Is it going to be a ride oit and where do we meet?
Looking foward to it.
Ta Ta
I`m in Essex, but can travel within reason. The only bike show on is the Classic Bike show in Ardingly Sussex, so it`s a nice run down through the forest, though it`s mainly old Brit bikes there. The Ace Caff are having a Yamahaha day so we wouldn`t be too welcome. Any other suggestions?
How far is Yarmouth from you? Then we can do a ride through the coast?. It should be quick fro you up the A12.
Let me know what you think.
Ta Ta Tongue
It`s about 90 miles from me. Unfortunately I hate the A12 and start to lose the will to live after about 5 minutes :o I hate the M11 even more though. I guess I just hate motorways. Where is it that you live?
In Saxthorpe near Holt in the north norfolk coast.
I don't know where else to meet up
do u have any Ideas

Bloody hell, that`s in the middle of the arsehole of nowhere. I used to live up that way at Drayton many years ago. Everyone had six fingers and was married to their sister if I remember rightly Big Grin Big Grin I got fed up with being referred to as the "bloody foreigner" as I came from Essex, so I came back. It was like living in the 18th century most of the time. I can`t say I have too many good memories of Norfolk I`m afraid, so I try avoid going there if I can. Let`s see if anyone else is up for a ride, though most people still seem to be in hibernation mode.

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