DR troubles..
Hi everybody,

need some help.I"ve just done a couple of things on my DR 750.Replaced the timing chain,change oil,oil filter and took care of that lossen balancer chain.But i have a problem starting him when he is cold,and i am talking cold like driving him more than 50km and after half hour the problem comes.When his hot it runs good and starts the same,and i had that same problem before.Last year the carbs were cleaned.Any suggestion?

Btw..i know my English ain"t great but i"m trying my best Thumbup
Have you tried cleaning the carbs again?
No,i didn"t.But i guess that would be the problem because when i do start him,eventually,rpm goes up and down till it gets a bit warmer.Could i do that myself,maybe just cleaning?
It´s not too difficult, just follow the manual Thumbup

If you don´t have a manual you can download one from here (in English) : http://www.timguy.net/sites/drbiginfo/DrBIGmanuals/
Cleaned it best i could ...now it starts good,it still goes up and down rpm even when its hot :eh: but its better now than it was before,starts with no problem.. Thumbup

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