My Suzuki Dr Big Marlboro Replica
Hi Guys thought i would start my own thread on my project

I have just received a new T 4 Pro circuit pipe :D and now have my wheels back from the UK i am charging the camera and will post pics asap

Tanks and plastics are being sticker ed up on Monday cant wait
cant wait to see some pics
Ok Guys here we go i had the wheels back the red is almost the same as the Marlboro DRZ and i have also got a new can for it to pro circuit T-4

[Image: P1000184.jpg]

[Image: P1000183.jpg]
can"t wait to see that can fitted 8-)
cant wait to hear it :o :o :o :o :o
how are you gonna fit it. did it come with a link pipe or are you making something up for it ?
it came with a link pipe but will need some work they guy who is building the rear tanks is gonna fit it i will be posting pics of the front tanks and the plastics today
all marlboro ed up or at least that is what the sign guy tells me
Hi guys here are i cant belive how good they look what do you think
[Image: P1000191.jpg]

[Image: P1000190.jpg]
sweet :D
Looking fantastic man, your flying along Wink

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