Sprocket and Chain.
Have a question for Big Bob and others. Have had a bike trek outback Australia and now my chain and sprockets are stuffed. Just wondering what combination sprockets you guys run. Thats assuming there are various combinations available.

Thanks LAME
What model do you have?
Dr 750. 15 front 48 back standard and also good for a 800, you can go up to 15/50 and get a bit more pull but less top speed.
Also 14/48 but more chain wear and you have to adapt the motor guard in front of the front sprocket [ 1 tooth less in front is almost the same as 3 more at the back]

Take a DID 520vm or Tsubaki omega chain and rivet it, the clip closure ain't strong enough for the BIG because of the lousy chain glide in front of the back sprocket, the chain can go to much side ways and will break it..
sorry about omiting that important bit if information. I have a 1988 DR750.

If you have the 88 drum brake model then you have more choices as the rear sprocket on the 89-97 models is particular only to the DR750/800 and no other bikes, whereas the 88 model is the same as loads of other bikes.
Depending on the type of riding you do, you can go up on the rear sprocket like Zappa for better acceleration, or down for more relaxed cruising and better mpg. Personally, I think that if acceleration is really important then you`ve bought the wrong bike and should get a Gixxer Wink I prefer a 47 rear for more relaxed cruising.
On my drum brake model (the other 5 Bigs I have are disc) I`ve gone up to a 530 chain and sprockets. Much smoother with much less vibration, and I get around 40k miles before they need replacing. Definitely recommended big time. Also mpg is much better as well.
You`ll need a 816 x 47 rear (same as GSXR 1100K) and 424 x 15 front (same as GT 380). Chain is a 116 x 530. DID and Tsubaki are good and AFAM even better though very expensive. Any Jap chain will be good and go for the best you can afford. If you want to retain standard gearing then get a 816 x 48, but if you do big miles the 47 rear will be better.
The Big has a track record of frequently snapping chains, particularly if they are not lubed continuously, so having a much beefier chain will minimise the chances of it happening again. Remember, there is nowhere in the manual where it says you can lube a chain too often. All my bikes have home made automatic chain lubes and I never have chain problems, just a messy rear wheel. Cost per bike....about £2.
Unfortunately, the 89 on Bigs don`t really much have much choice though you can go up to a 525.
pm me for details
What about some pics of your "auto chain lube system" or whatever you call it :D
Thanks BigBOB. I will check around for the best price on the sprokets suggested. Do they come with part numbers?
I generally go for big Kms. Not one for jumping up billy goat tracks. I dont bounce as well as I use to.. Smile

Thanks again.

Will post some pic of my Big
816-47 and 424-15 are the part numbers that every bike shop will recognise and will order in for you as they are commonly used items. You`ll need a h/d 530 x 116 o ring chain as well.

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