While out on a ride the other day the bike started misfiring around 4000rpm so I kept the revs around 3500rpm and made my way home slowly, only for the bike to cut out a few yards from home. I guess it could have been when I was 60 miles away so I guess I was lucky.
It felt like the bike was running out of fuel as I hit 4k so assumed I had a kinked fuel line or similar.
Well, it didn`t take me long to find I had no sparks and it turned out the pick up coil had packed up.
This is the third coil to pack up in 35 years of Big ownership, though I`ve never had a stator (or reg/rec) pack up at all.
Fortunately I have a couple of spares so the stator/pick-up was replaced and sparking again.
Shame I`d just done an oil change and had to dump it to access the side cover.
Here`s the horror story......
New 750 stator from Suzuki £777 and new rotor £877, new 800 stator £973 and stator £1041 ....eek!!!
Electrex do a new stator for about £118
Suzuki prices are absolutely criminal!
That is a random failure! I did not realise the pickup coils were part of the stator assembly. One failed on my Ducati monster and I replaced the pair from Carmo Electronics here in Netherlands. They also do a DR800 specific stator for 150 EUR.

That's what I'll do if one fails! Suzuki prices are completely bonkers...

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