I spotted a future classic and made a profit
So 11 years ago I was doing some drunk ebaying and put a bid on a Honda SP2. Turned out I was the only bidder and got the bike for a pretty good price. It was a low miler and hadn't been modified.

I rode it for a few months but didn't officially import it. I had a load of other projects at the time so put it at the back of the garage and off the road.

Last year, I thought was the time to get it back on the road. I paid the import tax, gave it a major service and a new battery. Cleaned up it looked almost brand new.
[Image: bu8pAFm.jpg]

The only trouble was my ancient decaying body could only stand riding it for 20 mins. I had to sell it really, otherwise it's just an ornament.

The bike is a bit of a classic now and prices have considerably risen. Also, because mine hadn't been used for 10 years the mileage (6k) makes it almost a brand new bike. Just sold it for a healthy profit. And unlike most classic vehicles I haven't had many years of maintenance to factor in.

Maybe I should drunk ebay more often?
Good that it worked out and was working well rather than needing repairs before you could sell it. Smile

I kept looking at this old black 1990s Ducati Monster 750 on Ebay for a while when I was drunk even though it would be most unsuitable. ?

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