ULEZ expansion
Looks like it will be expensive to use the Big around London next year. Sad

I wonder if our old bikes are actually compliant or not and could be tested?

Annoying as I have mates who will be in the expanded Zone and do see them as a stop off point when going north of London. Any meet at the Ace Cafe will be dearer!
Absolutely no chance of a Big being compliant with Euro 4, and I wouldn`t even consider getting them tested as there would be no chance of passing.
I think the ultimate aim is to get all combustion engined vehicles off the road in London, and as the air quality is so awful it`s understandable.
What is worrying is the attitude of Hackney council that want to charge two wheelers the same as cars for parking, and this includes electric bikes!
They clearly want to force everyone on to public transport, only it`s not always practicable for everyone, and it`s definitely not cheap or available.
I moved out of London 25 years ago as it was becoming bloody awful back then, and I certainly wouldn`t want to move back there.
I agree with every effort to lower pollution and congestion, but bikes don't cause congestion and electric bikes don't pollute.

In 8 years or so Big's might be allowed back in as vehicles over 40 years old are exempt. By then there might be no spares to run them though.
Are you going still be outside the ULEZ then Bob? I am glad to be away from London, but they are talks of these schemes to other places, Southhampton/Brighton etc. so I guess its only a matter of time. I was up in Manchester earlier in the year and they had signs about a similar thing but apparently they didn't actually implement it due to opposition so was under review. Isn’t the test purely down to the concentrations of certain exhaust gasses? Makes me mad when I am behind a diesel puffing black smoke but the bikes don't seem to be bad.

Would be great when they become exempt after 40 years. People find parts for much older bikes.

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