Carb rebuild warning/detail
I was ordering carb parts from MotoLab here in the States yesterday

BST33//Suzuki/DR750S | motolab store ( [have a look here for all the carb parts you need]

And discovered that the float "trees" for the carbs are actually different. This was pointed out by MotoLab and accounts for the different suzuki part numbers for the float trees that I could never understand.

They look at first glance identical BUT the float tree from the right carb does not have a brass jet installed into the starter circuit piping.

It would be entirely possible to assemble this float tree into the left carb and then wonder why the "choke"/enrichener works oddly or differently than before the rebuild.

The jet (or lack of one) can be found in the horizontal part of the float tree. j Photo shows naked - no jet - tree)


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