Hessler off line
Anyone know what's happening with  Stefan Hessler??

His website is still up but he's been unavailable for weeks now by both email and phone.
Not had any feedback on this, and checking the German Big site, I can`t see any posts about Hessler there either.
Sorry I can`t help there Ray.
There are new posts in his Facebook profile so it look like he is active on there.

He's rubbish with email at the mo. He was on holiday for most of August so I guess is just swamped. I emailed recently and got no reply.

I ordered online on Sunday. Got an email from one of the people who work there on monday advising I had only ordered 1 O-Ring where i needed 2. That was handy! Order is already on its way with everything in stock (was quite a big list including cam / balancer chains).


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