Other Suzuki's You've Owned
Ok, I'll start.

My (currently disassembled) DR800 is my third Suzuki. I know some people always stick to one manufacturer, but had bikes from Suzuki (3), Kawasaki (1), Honda (4), Yamaha (1), BMW (4) and Triumph (1).

Never owned an Italian bike or an American bike (can't see that happening anyway).

My first Suzuki was a TL1000R. This was at a time when the world was going V twin mad. Honda, Suzuki, Aprillia all got in the act of having a big V twin like Ducati. I bought the TL as it was the cheapest at the time. It has a reputation of a bit of a widow maker, but actually it was a pussy cat to ride. I hear that when the rotary damper got hot it would behave horribly, but I was never likely to push it that hard on the road.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, but this was my very first digital camera and it was utterly rubbish.
[Image: obXWjxl.jpg]

This picture was taken with my second digital camera, which was acceptable.
[Image: aMZ0Mo6.jpg]

Behind that gate there was a ramp up to it. I used to stop the bike on the ramp, unlock the gate then drive up. Once, while unlocking the gate I saw the light from the headlights move and looked back just in time to see the bike roll back and fall on my car. That wasn't a good day. Fortunately there wasn't much damage.

I liked the bike even though the brakes weren't very good. I did upgrade to 6 pot calipers but they still weren't great. It never went wrong, had a good turn of pace and I used it to commute year round in London. This naturally killed my enjoyment of biking so when I moved to Switzerland I thought my biking days were over and I sold it.

I went one summer in Switzerland without a bike and really missed it. I thought I would get a bike but only ride it when I wanted to and not when I had to. I could walk to work anyway, so no more commuting.

Enter my second Suzuki.
[Image: Eru1ZNQ.jpg]

I had always wanted one, and with the unrestricted German autobahn not far where I lived at the time it was a good idea to own one. I added the centre stand and top box. The top box mainly because when I get off a bike I like to take off my biker gear and lock it on the bike. I still have the top box and might fit it to the DR.

On the German autobahn late at night with very little traffic this thing flew off at some terrific speed, with acceleration not seeming to tail off even with the speedo going off the clock.

Later, I went to a Hayabusa meet at Woodbridge where they had timing gear on the runway. A friend lent me his Hayabusa and I went as fast as possible bearing in mind it wasn't my bike. Head on the tank, big weeds growing through the runway coming by all the time. Speedo off the clock. Bike massively stable at high speed.

I clocked 165.8 mph.

Way off what the bike was capable of, but I have to confess I had no desire to try and improve it. Going that fast was just not much fun. It wasn't so scary, just not so much fun. For me.

Another friend there had a turbo Hayabusa with something like 220-240 bhp. He let me have a quick go on one of the service roads at Woodbridge and it was absolutely insane, even given that the standard bike is stupidly quick.

This Dutch guy had a turbo with about 500 bhp. I didn't see his run as he did it the day before I arrived but apparently he was well pissed off to just miss out on 250 mph and 400 kph. People said the noise was very loud.
[Image: QS4pePm.jpg]
[Image: tn5o7yd.jpg]

I liked the Hayabusa and nothing ever went wrong with it, but I'd had my speed rush and wanted something different. More touring, more enjoy the scenery, more comfortable and I really wanted ABS brakes. The 'busa's brakes weren't that good. I'd moved to central Switzerland and the 'Busa was more a liability than fun.

So I sold it, and that was the end of my Suzuki ownership experience until I bought the Big.

Anyway, I'd be interested to read what you guys have been up to on Suzuki's.
I had a TLR as well and loved it. Shame it driven over by a big truck (while I was on it) and it is no more.  Still miss it.
Funnily, I went from the six pots to 4 pots as there was more feel to them.
I junked the useless damper as it was awful and put on an Ohlins that completely transformed it into something rideable.
Mine had ART cans on it and my wife could hear me coming home a mile away.
I did a swap one day with my mate on his Busa, and a couple of hours on it was enough. Terrifyingly quick.
It didn`t feel quick until you looked at the speedo and saw 160 plus and only felt like 70.
I`ve had countless Suzukis in my time from a Kettle I bought in 73 right through all the GS/GSX/GSXR range.
Now I`m just an old git with a few Bigs  Smile
Did you ever own one of these, and were they as terrifying as people made out?

[Image: sK9w5SM.jpg]
Yep, I had several of those, and yes, they were terrifying!
I like the fact that even though they were terrifying you kept buying them. Big Grin
Had a few 750 slabbys as well. Wish I`d kept them as they are worth lots of ££££ now.
I don`t think the GSXR1100 was terrifying at all, it was an extremely civilised bike to ride and one which felt completely natural to ride `briskly` with no odd characteristics, flaws or any other such bad behaviour traits.
It was the knid of bike you just got on and rode with confidence - briskly!

Thruxton about 1986;

[Image: GSXR_Thruxton_full_size.jpg]

Before the GSXR i had an 1100 Katana - i also had 550 and 650 Katanas.

[Image: img013.jpg]

My very first bike was a Suzuki TS100;

[Image: IMG_0597.jpg]

..then a TS250;
[Image: TS250_wheelie_crop.jpg]

and a GT250, A100/B120 i think i had.
Ooh, Katana.
Maybe my Gixxers had a hinge in the middle... either that or I rode them like a big tart!  Rolleyes
Had a Kat as well but p/exed it against a slabby. Wish I`d kept it now.

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