What have I done…
No issues with the `04 Graham (although i only had it for about 4 months) i just liked the GS so much i treated myself..
It looks like yours is the `twincam` which a lot of the GS boffins say is the best of the models before they went LC.
last week I bought 2008 GSA ESA and yes… those horroble aftermarket aux lights are replaced back with original ones. There’s Corbin heatable seat in the pic (+ original seat in safe)
Looks good, not sure I would like a heated seat, a cooling seat would be better in this weather. Wink I am looking forward to trying my heated grips though when its freezing cold at the end of February and I end up with numb hands. Mine has ESA its cool watching the shock expand on its own and the seat rise when you change mode.

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