Thinking of selling the BIG
Haven't used the bike in ages as i bought the new Tenere ,I started it again and it's pissing petrol again so i'm thinking of selling it , anyone on here looking one give me a shout it'll be at a reasonable price to allow for anyone wanting to transport it to the mainland , everything was powder coated , new tyres ,heated grips ,crash bars ,spot lights, end can etc etc ,I can email pics if anyones interested
[Image: rails1.jpg]
Thats the problem with buying a nice new bike!
Transport to the mainland,? Where are you Spandango. It it leaking from the carb over flow?
Bike looks good mate
Sticky float, give it a whack and all well lol. How much she going for Spen, might know a few interested parties.
Someone getting a great bike!
Sorry for some reason I don't get notified of any replies on here , I bought the new Tenere , then i got a DR350 and a wee cb500X oh and a 350 Jawa so the BIG hasn't moved in ages. I mentioned it to a friend of a friend so it might be away this weekend , I told him £1750 because thats what i would put it on ebay for , it needs the carbs looked at and As long as i have owned the bike ,from early 90s whenever you accelerate hard going up the gears from 1st to 2nd occasionally it would slip into neutral , never does it on the way down and only if you are reving it hard ,never bothered me and i've rode it like this for 20 years or more but i know it shouldn't do that ,i'm thinking someone was trying to wheelie it in 2nd gear and that's why it's doing it. drive normal and it's not an issue .hers some more pics ,It's £300 to get it delivered to the mainland if anyones wondering ,

[Image: dr12.jpg]
[Image: dr13.jpg]
[Image: dr14.jpg]
[Image: dr17.jpg]
[Image: dr111.jpg]
[Image: dr121.jpg]

[Image: big1.jpg]
[Image: big.jpg]
Ya miss her Spen?
I use the Tenere ,there is no comparison
Yes, the tenere is not a big!Big Grin
Would you buy another in the future?
Yes if i could get a good 750 i would buy one , don't think i'd buy a SR43

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