Valve clearances - Checking TDC
That makes sense actually. The chain was very loose. Now it has some deflection as you suggested.

The 5mm bolt is nearly all the way in. Looks like new balancer chain time then! Might save that for later...

Engine still open so will double check everything tonight. Cheers!
A new balancer chain from Suzuki is over £100! so  don`t be in too much of a rush.
It also entails removing the rotor with a special tool and the lining up all the cogs correctly which is a pain in the bum.
Woah! That's a lot.

I've seen your previous explanations of rotor removal. Looks tricky and expensive!

The chain is much better than it was so will check again at some point. Brought 2 cover gaskets so I can do this check again in the future.

It's amazing how well the BIG was running with loose balance chains, one fouled plug and totally out of tolerance exhaust valves! Simple is good sometimes...

Have a horrible feeling the valve seals are leaking. So will have to take the engine out at some point I guess...maybe save everything for then.

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