Oxford Heated Grips installation tips
Where did you connect the USB? I am not much good with electrics so want to touch as little as poss!
(19-11-2021, 12:03 PM)jamminbmx Wrote: Where did you connect the USB?  I am not much good with electrics so want to touch as little as poss!

I used a wire on the ignition module that's 12v live when the bike's running, but dead when it's not (orange from memory, but don't quote me on that)
 (orange from memory, but don't quote me on that)

Yep, orange is the switchable live
Perfect! Thanks guys!
All done.  I totally failed to get the cable through with the tank on so took it off.  Then routed it left side of the frame.

The throttle tube does not need any filing.  I just twisted the grip on.  Nice and tight.

The controller has a very odd bracket.  It's an L-Shape.  Ended up attaching it under the nut of my Garmin RAM mount.

Ran the wires from controller and grips down to the headtube and bundled them up there.

Seems to work but didnt want to test it with the engine off for now...and didnt want to piss of the neighbours with a BIG fired up in the garden!

Then i noticed my throttle cable was really buggered at the carb end...soooo next job lined up! 

All in took about 2,5 hours but i am sloooow.  Would have been way quicker if i had just taken the tank off to start!
Genuine OE cables rarely ever give problems so you probably have a Chinese replacement in there.
Get a genuine one, though they are listed at over £40 ..... robbing kuntz!
Might find one on Ebay....
Weirdly enough i have a spare OEM cable in my shed that I can't remember buying. Might have come with the bike when I got it in 2015. The one installed doesn't even look correct. Its a bit shorter and does not have the steel bent tubes at the carb end.

Anyway that's lucky cos a new one over here in Holland is 95 euros!!!

While we are talking cables...is the cable with the steel adjuster half way down the push or pull?

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