Cafe meet down south
Does anyone fancy getting the Bigs together for a bit of a breaky/lunch meet sometime soon?

I know there was talk of a meet at the Ace before but there are better places.
I could be up for a ride though it`s a fair distance from me to the south coast.
I`ll go.
I`m south.
Cheers I didn't mean the coast exactly but somewhere south of London, there is the Iron Bull Roadhouse near Hook, or Loomie's Cafe, The Chalet is a good one also the Toat on the A29. Just some of the main biker ones can get a bit busy on the weekends, would be good to get the Bigs together.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   a Loomies burger beckons methinks
(05-08-2021, 10:00 PM)BigBob Wrote: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   a Loomies burger beckons methinks

Loomies sounds good, never been but have been meaning to go and its a nice run down the a272 for me.

How about next weekend Saturday 14th?
Sounds OK. Let`s hope it`s not too wet. Pissing down here at the moment.
Yep I think we must be due some good weather by now. Hann is Saturday good for you, anyone else?

What kind of time is good to meet, about 11:30?
Sounds good to me.
Looks good weather tomorrow Smile

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