Highway speed
How fast can I drive my 2021 dr650 on the highway with stock gearing without hurting it?

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As no-one more knowledgeable has piped up I'd suggest riding at whatever speed you and the bike are comfortable and safe - I know from the 800 that there's not a lot of point wringing it's neck, the bike doesn't like it and neither do I. So long as the bike is properly run in and serviced I don't see how you can possibly hurt it, you'll run out of horsepower well before you run out of revs - aerodynamics are not your friend.

I would also value this advice at what it cost.
I went to the elephfanttruffen on a dr650 rse.
Im a biggish bloke and with all my camping gear the bike would cruise at 60 65mph. I sold the bike on to a friends son he is 11 stone wet through and he keeps up with us at 70 75 mph all day. Iv clocked him at 95+ a few times. On closed roads of course.
I wonder how this went?

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